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~Relieve Pain, Tension, Fatigue, Overwhelm, Stress, Burnout~

 ~ Reconnect to Your Body & Your Deep Inner Knowing~

~Reclaim Inner Calm, Health, Vitality & Joy~

Joyce uses almost 30 years of experience and a unique blend of energy healing approaches to help women experiencing pain, tension, fatigue, overwhelm, stress and burnout to feel good in their body so they can enjoy their lives.  

Energy healing can impact all aspects of our health and well being.  It can:

 ~ Release the energy blockages of stress, injury and trauma that cause pain, tension or other physical symptoms. 

Clear stuck or trapped emotions that limit our ability to feel joy or create meaningful relationships. 

Shift outdated beliefs and perceptions to allow for reducing stress, finding forgiveness, or finding a new way to look at and respond to a situation. 

Connect us to who we are at a deep level, aligning with our deepest desires and purpose, and transform our lives.

Is this you?

Do you feel any of the following?

  • Chronic tension or pain
  • Fatigue
  • Stressed 
  • Overwhelmed
  • Lost, stuck, disconnected, numb
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Burnt out


Would you like to experience?

  • Feeling calm and solid
  • More at ease in your body
  • More connection in relationships
  • Know what you need and want 
  • Better boundaries
  • More energy and joy in your daily life
  • More empowered in your own health and well-being

Whether you are just starting out on your journey to health and joyful living, or are ready for the next phase of healing, you will be met right where you are at.  You will be guided and supported in an organic, dynamic way based on your individual needs. 

Most healing takes time.

Of course significant shifts can happen in one session, or even in an instant. But, more often, healing is a process.

Many people initially need support in clearing the acquired energy blockages affecting their health and well being. And then guidance to gain the skills to deeply connect to and understand the language of the body so they can work with their body and emotions to manage health and stress, and feel more joy.

The pace of healing is unique to each individual.

Joyce is always honored to accompany others on their healing journey.

energy healing myofascial release transformation

Would you like to feel more empowered in your own health and well being?

Are you tired of feeling stuck in not feeling well or not living the life you want?

Do you want to be an active participant in your healing?

Are you open to and find value in complementary approaches in your healthcare and personal wellness?

If so, you may find the energy healing approaches shared in the following pages to be a great match for your intention for wellness.


In person sessions are available in Meredith and Concord, NH.

Distance sessions are also available. This means you can receive your session in the comfort of your own home via phone or zoom, no matter where you live. These sessions are especially helpful for those with transportation issues or illness.


Please feel free to use the contact form to connect with Joyce to discuss your situation and see how energy healing can support you.


To schedule an appointment online, click below

The physical body is the shoreline to an infinite ocean ​of being.

- Sufi  healer's quote

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