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Hi, I'm Joyce.


I work with people who have chronic pain and tension, overwhelm and/or fatigue and it’s getting in the way of them enjoying life.

 Maybe they aren’t totally incapacitated by it….they could live with how they feel if they had to.

 But they don’t want to

They don’t think it’s normal to:

~ have constant or so frequent pain and tension in their body,

~to feel overwhelmed yet exhausted all the time, or

~that they should have to give up doing stuff, whether it’s the laundry or going out to a social event, because they don’t feel good. 

The problem is they don’t know what to do about it.

They’ve already tried medication, yoga and exercise, physical or massage therapy, meditation and relaxation activities, self help books, counseling, maybe even had surgery.

 But, they still have ongoing, annoying issues

That’s where I come in.  I use a unique blend of energy healing approaches to help people, mostly women, feel better in their body so they can better enjoy life.

The people I work with aren’t alone.  I get what they are experiencing.  For the first half of my life I battled:

~juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that made me miss out on fun kid activities,

~chronic headaches and jaw pain due to childhood trauma that sometimes made me have to cancel everything and go to bed for the rest of the day,

~years of neck and upper back tension and exhaustion due to work stress that made it so I couldn’t wait for the end of the day or week, and counted down to the weekend,

~feeling significant overwhelm and having to resist the urge to escape when being in groups or loud busy places and that could take days to recover from.

I, too, tried so many things to feel better… feel 'normal' and be able to do 'normal' things like everyone else.

My experiences lead me to do the work I do.

I pull from all the best resources I’ve gathered over the past 30 years….from working as a physical therapist to doing mind-body-spirit approaches in myofascial release and craniosacral therapies to energy healing work, as well as what helped me the most in my personal journey.

What I’ve found to be the most helpful and empowering for people suffering from chronic yuck is:

~Restoring energy health.  Clearing the blocked or unwanted energy from the body and energy field from an old injury, surgery, trauma, chronic stress or energy that we’ve picked up from others or the environment.  It’s like swamp water in our system and it gets in the way of us feeling good.  We’re more prone to illness and being affected by the people and environment around us. 

~Balancing the nervous system.   Our nervous system needs to be able to easily shift from an activated state to a calm state.  When it can’t, we’re exhausted and shut down, or tense and overwhelmed.  This contributes to pain, tension, and a host of other symptoms.

~ Reestablishing connection with your body, your Self.  Chronic conditions and stress tend to disconnect us from our body wisdom.  When this happens, we have less ability to know what we need to do for our health and well being.  We’re left swimming confused in the never ending options and opinions of others, and wasting time trying this or that.  When we reconnect, we can intuitively know what’s right for us.

~Reconnecting to Nature.  We spend so much of our day inside and on screens, and have lost our connection to Nature.  We suffer from this disconnection and it negatively impacts our health and well being on all levels of our being - physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual.  When we reconnect, we once again have access to an amazing resource that supports us in so many ways.

These approaches allowed me to finally start feeling normal again.  Sure, I have days when my back gets tight, or I’m tired, or I choose to leave a gathering early because it’s a bit overwhelming.  But I’m able to use these signs from my body as a barometer for what I’m doing right, or what I need to focus on a bit more, for my health and well being.  I no longer feel I’m at the mercy of my body, but a partner in navigating this thing called life.

These approaches also allow me to support you and your body.  I am a guide in helping you to

~feel more ease in their body,

~feel more calm, have more energy,

~hold better boundaries,

~feel you can manage life, and

~have confidence that you can know what you need to care for yourself

because you are more deeply connected to your body and your Self.  

I never feel more fulfilled and honored than when I can help another make shifts in how they feel, how they experience their day, and can empower them with their own inner know how.


Fun facts about me:

~I’m an introvert. You’re much more likely to find me out in nature with my journal than at a part.  And if you do see me there, I’m probably petting the dog.

~I inherited my own little dog, Penny, from my mother. Penny lives with me in the house I helped to build.  Nothing makes you feel more empowered than hauling lumber, climbing ladders and using power tools!

~This wanna be permaculture gardener and herbalist unfortunately didn’t inherit her mom’s green thumb, which is just as well because the land I bought is full of rocks!

~I’m half Finnish and the next thing I build will be a traditional Finnish sauna to go with the house.

~I’m a Capricorn sun and pisces moon – so I’m a good balance of ‘practical, determined, get it done’ and ‘sensitive, compassionate and oh, look, a pretty flower!’

And, if you're someone who likes to know credentials, I am:

~an expert level Barnes' Myofascial Release Therapist

~Master Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner

~Certified Healing from the Core / Certified Distance Healing from the Core practitioner

~Completed Plant Spirit Healing apprenticeship with Pam Montgomery


Appointments Available at Two Locations and by Phone/Zoom

210 N State Street

Concord, NH

Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri 10-4pm

169 Daniel Webster Hwy, Suite 12

Meredith, NH

Tues 10-4, some Thurs 

Distance Sessions via Zoom/phone

Mon-Fri 10-4pm

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