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6 Session Package
6 sessions to be used in 3 months
Myofascial Wellness Package includes Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment book & ball
Energetic Bodywork Package includes Full Body Presence book by Suzanne Scurlock

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January Healing Circle


In November, a few people expressed interest in having a virtual circle (instead of meeting in person) during the winter to avoid driving in the dark, as well as the potential for messy weather.


So, this month, let's try having our circle via zoom.  Then you can give me feedback as to whether we continue with this format for the rest of the winter, or return to gathering in person.


The January Healing Circle will be guided inner journey. You'll be gently lead in an inner check in as we end 2023.  You'll then tap into your inner knowing and body wisdom so you can know what you need to focus on for your health and happiness as we enter 2024.

Thurs, January 18th, 6-7pm



Click HERE to register.  

Register by January 17th and include your best email so you can be emailed the zoom link on January 18th.

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