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Events / Specials
May 15  6-7pm  - Monthly Healing Circle - Third Wednesday of the Month
                             Group Integrated Energy Therapy session via Zoom
May 18  10-5pm - Inspiring Evolution Expo - Keene State College
May 30  5:30-6:30pm - Interpret Your Dreams Workshop @ Quantum Healing Center, Concord
May Special - $20 off Distance Healing
June 9  9-5:30pm - Integrated Energy Therapy - Basic level Class
6 Session Packages for Energetic Bodywork and Myofascial Wellness
Scroll Down for Details on Each

Monthly Healing Circle
Group Integrated Energy Therapy via Zoom

Wednesday, May 15th  6-7pm

Register by May 14th


Join us for a Group Integrated Energy Therapy session.

Integrated Energy Therapy is an energy healing modality where the energies of stress, trauma, emotions is gently released from 9 key areas of the body, and higher vibration energy is able to come in to support health and well-being.
We'll first gather for a brief explanation. Then you'll set an intention for what you would like get out of the session. You'll then sit quietly during the session. And we'll end with brief opportunity to ask questions or share what you experienced.

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Inspiring Evolution Expo
May 18th  10-5pm
Keene State College, Keene, NH

Come see me and receive a mini session!

Click here for more information about the expo

Interpret Your Dreams Workshop

Thursday, May 30  5:30-6:30
Quantum Healing Center
Concord, NH


Have you ever had a dream that felt confusing, upsetting or was so weird that you wondered if there was a deeper meaning to it?

Bring an old dream, current dream, or recurrent dream to this workshop and Learn how to intuitively interpret It. You’ll then be able to apply the process to future dreams and never be left wondering again!

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May Special
$20 off Distance Sessions

Use coupon Code "MayHealing" when you schedule

6 Session Package
6 sessions to be used in 3 months

Myofascial Wellness Package includes
Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment book & ball

Energetic Bodywork Package includes
Full Body Presence book by Suzanne Scurlock

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