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"You were so pivotal in my healing you were and what you said made a very powerful impact on me and my journey. I will always be grateful to you" - J.I.

"Thank you for helping me release some of my trauma and in assisting me in coming back into my body. I feel a shift has occurred in me and the outlook is better and stronger than before." - D.M.

"Her hands are magic and when she treats me I'm transported to a deeply relaxing and wonderful place." - T.R.

"Joyce is one of the most relaxed, compassionate and uplifting people I have met." - M.T.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Joyce over the past few months.  She is a skilled, knowledgeable, and empathic practitioner who asks questions and listens before tailoring her treatments.  She also gives detailed feedback in a timely manner and adjusts each session according to the client's needs.  I have seen significant improvements with multiple health issues under her care and I highly recommend her." - S.L.

"I have seen Joyce for Myofascial release therapy. After two sessions, the pain in my neck was gone! This pain was chronic, and I had seen many different practitioners over the years to obtain relief. Different modalities that I tried included massage, physical therapy, chiropractics, and acupuncture. Sometimes I would have relief, but never for extended periods of time. Joyce’s work gave me increased freedom of movement and less tension, ultimately relieving my neck pain. She is a gifted practitioner and I highly recommend her". -N.B.

"When I come to Joyce for MFR treatments I always leave feeling calmer, relaxed and more grounded within myself than when I arrive. She starts sessions asking me how my body is feeling, and she is as receptive to descriptions of my emotional and mental states as she is to those of my physical body. No two treatments are ever the same- Joyce begins treatments with a hands-on assessment of my body and is quickly able to feel/determine the areas in my body with facial restrictions. The work that she does for the rest of the session always follows as a result of what she felt/sensed during that initial assessment; each session is unique and tailored to my body at that moment in time. Almost as soon as Joyce puts her hands on me I feel myself still and sink into a very deep state of relaxation, one that allows me to receive whatever sensations/thoughts/images come to mind, and also one that allows me to release restrictions in my body. By nature I seem to be a very "tight" person and the relief and benefit I get from an MFR session with Joyce cannot be overstated." J.W.

"Myofascial treatment should be the first line of defense for any one with chronic pain! The best thing I ever did was make that “cold” call to get that first appointment! After being told by other Doctors to get your primary Dr. to prescribe pain meds I kept thinking there has be be a better way to deal with this pain ! What have I got to lose ! After the first treatment I went from a pain level of 9 down to a 4 ! I live In Delaware and am only in Meredith a month or so every summer so I was overjoyed to find Joyce Karnis right in Meredith ! I already had her book on self treatment so I knew I could continue hands on treatment while on vacation! Again , the second best decision I ever made was the call to Joyce ! She has been just wonderful and helpful with every step of my Myofascia journey ! I look forward to seeing her again this summer!" N.M.

Working with Joyce for Myofascial treatments has been a pleasure. The treatments allow me to enjoy more physical activity (walking, hiking & snow skiing) with less pain and quicker recovery. Even more important is that I can help myself, between appointments, by using the simple stretches that Joyce recommends based on what areas of my body need attention.

Thanks, Joyce!!


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