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Myofascial Wellness

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There are numerous types of myofascial release which address connective tissue, or fascial, restrictions in the body.  Joyce uses Barnes Myofascial Release which is a holistic form of bodywork using sustained pressure into or elongation of an area of the body.  Pressures can vary from very light to deep, depending on the needs and tolerance of the area treated.  


Fascia is an uninterupted 3- dimensional tissue in the body that surrounds and infuses every muscle, bone, organ, vessel, nerve                            and cell.  In very simplistic terms, it functions to create                        structure and stability of the body.  Its fibers are meant                      to slide and glide to allow for appropriate movement                          and function of the skeleton and organs.   It can                                    become restricted due to surgery, injury/trauma,                                  chronic poor posture, inflammatory processes.  When                        this happens it can affect posture, impede normal                                motion, cause pain and tension, and affect function of                        the organs. Myofascial Release helps to release these restrictions allowing for improved posture, motion, energy, and alleviate pain and tension.

During a myofascial release session, Joyce will look at your posture and motion to determine where the key restrictions are in your body.  Sometimes these are where you experience pain or tension, and other times they are elsewhere in the body.  You will then lie on the table (or sometimes sit or stand) and

the release techniques are applied directly to

your dry skin for at least 5 minutes.  During

that time you may notice a number of

different sensations including heat, tingling, a

temporary increase in discomfort, and/or

relaxation of the tissues.  

Again, during these sessions, techniques are

applied directly on the skin and may include

many areas of the body, so appropriate

clothing needs to be worn, such as a two piece

bathing suit or running shorts/sports bra for women and shorts for men.  Yoga pants or big, baggy clothes are not appropriate as Joyce needs to be able to see your posture and skin.

The myofascial release provided in Joyce's office is for general wellness, such as for overall posture, flexibility, managing chronic pain/tension, and enhancing energy.  If you have an acute injury or condition requiring rehabilitation and exercises, you are advised to seek treatment at another office offering full physical therapy services.

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