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Integrated Energy Therapy for Pets

We love our pets.  They are a part of our family, and bring much joy and comfort to our lives.  We diligently care for them - feeding them, grooming them, walking and exercising them, buying toys for them, and bringing them to the vet for any medical needs.


Did you know that animals develop energy blockages and restrictions just like we humans do?  And that these energy blockages can affect them similarly to how they affect us, by creating physical symptoms and changes in behavior?


Yes.  This can happen.


It may seem obvious that pets who live in abusive situations can develop trauma which impacts their physical, emotional and energetic health.  But any intense or chronic stressful environment that causes distress can do so as well.  This can include (but not limited to):

~an environment with frequent loud noises

~constant interaction or demands placed on the animal, such as active child play or training

~being confined to small spaces and limiting instinctive behaviors, such as running and playing

~feeling threatened by other animals or people


It is important to remember that humans and animals perceive situations differently, so just because something seems ok to you, it could still be stressful to a pet.  Also, each species, and each animal within a species is different.  Similar to people, some animals like more action and interaction, while others prefer more quiet.  It is important to tune into your pet's body language and know the signs of stress.


Another way a pet's energetic health can be impacted is by empathically taking on the energy and emotions of the people with whom they live.  

Many pets are natural healers.  They can take on the emotions and energy of their people to ease any distress their people may be experiencing.  Ideally, they would then naturally discharge this energy through movement or rest. Sometimes, however, they take on more than their system can handle. The energy stays in the animal's system and begins to affect their health and/or well being.  (As a pet care person, it is important to note that you are not are the cause or to blame when this happens, especially if the animal is well cared.)


When pets develop energy blockages or restrictions, it can affect their health similar to a human.  For example, they may develop digestive upset, heart issues, or cancers.  It can also affect their behavior.  A care person may notice behaviors such as being more nervous or scared, more aggressive, or less active, withdrawn and depressed. This is more a possibility if there has been a change in the pet's behavior. 


It is always important to have a pet checked by a qualified veterinarian if a care giver notices health issues or changes in behavior so medical conditions can be ruled out and treated.


But if there is no clear cause, or if there has been a change in the pet's environment or routines that may be causing some distress, it may be helpful to have some energy work for the pet.  Because, just like we humans, pets (and all animals) can benefit from energy work. 


There are different types of energy work that pets can receive, including reiki, magnet therapy, and acupuncture, for example.  My dog, Penny (the sweet little dog pictured above) does very well with acupuncture to manage the pain and weakness due to a spinal issue she has.  I used to have a dog that would sit on my lap whenever he wanted some energy work....and then get up and walk away when he'd had enough.


Another form of energy work available for pets is Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).  This is a healing modality that I offer, and have discussed in a previous newsletter.  It helps to clear stuck energy associated with stress, trauma and intense emotions from both humans and animals.  

I find that animals often do best with distance sessions. They tend to be more relaxed, and, therefore, receptive, in the comfort of their own homes. These sessions can complement any medical treatment they are receiving, or can help with clearing old trauma or history when a pet is rescued or adopted.  


If a pet is needing support due to a new stressful situation in their home, sometimes combining IET sessions for both pet and care giver is helpful. For example, if there has been a recent move or death.  Also, if there are circumstances causing increased stress for the people in the pet's life, which then seem to be affecting the pet.


With human health and wellness care, complementary therapies are not widely known, and relief strategies may be missed as a result, leaving a person to suffer unnecessarily.  Same with pets.  In fact, I think complementary therapies and treatments are even less recognized as options for pet care.  As a result, many pets are left to suffer, their behavior is misunderstood, and some are even surrendered (or worse) as a result.


As with people, some animals respond better to energy healing than others, or to certain types of energy healing vs. other types.  It may be worth trying a couple of different types, or different practitioners, if your pet is having issues and doesn't have at least some response within a few sessions.


If you would like to pursue some energy therapy for your pet, feel free to reach out to me.  While IET is most often used with cats, dogs and horses, all animals can benefit.  Again, I feel distance sessions are received best so that's what I offer.  (And it would be good to note that these sessions are not psychic sessions, or animal communication, or medical diagnosis/treatment. They are sessions to help clear any blocked or restricted energies that may be contributing to physical symptoms or behavioral patterns.) 

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