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Healing From the Core

The body has amazing self healing capabilities.

When we connect deeply to ourselves with curiosity and compassion, we are able to access our body’s wisdom. The body’s wisdom can inform us of what is needed for healing.

This empowers us to find our own individual solutions to issues affecting our health and well being.

In the Healing from the Core approach, as developed by Suzanne Scurlock, you are guided and supported as you participate in your own healing process. You are held in a grounded, gentle yet strong, therapeutic presence that provides space for healing on many levels.

You collaboratively explore your body’s physical signals to access your body’s wisdom.

Your body leads the process.

'Energy hands’, whether in person or at a distance, may be offered to bring support to an area of your body to allow a physical or energetic shift.

Gentle questions may be asked to help bring awareness to and help navigate your inner landscape, or to help you gain more clarity to what’s presenting.

The goal is for you to feel empowered at the end of each session.

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