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Intuitive Energetic B​odyw​ork

Everything is made of energy. Including us. We are simply a dense form of energy.

Energy is meant to flow freely throughout our bodies as well as the energy field around us. When it does so, we have health and vitality. When it doesn't, we can have pain, tension, dis-ease and stress. It is also difficult for our bodies to heal and we are less resilient.

There can be many causes for energetic blockages within the body and energy field:  Physical injury, surgery, trauma, chronic poor posture or illness. Unexpressed emotion. Effects of societal/cultural conditioning and/or demands. Dysfunctional coping mechanisms.  Excessive screen time.  Not enough time in nature.

In addition to disrupting the natural flow of energy within the body and energy field, sometimes the body will encapsulate energy in an area of the body forming an energy cyst.  These disruptions or blockages can eventually lead to symptoms of tension, pain, dis-ease.

In an energetic bodywork session, you will first share what you are experiencing.  Your body will then be assessed for energetic blockages by intuitive sensing and gentle touch through your clothes while you rest on a therapy table.  Blockages are often found at the area where a person is feeling tension, etc.  But they also can be found elsewhere and are a contributing factor.  It is important to scan the whole system, at the start of a session and throughout a session.

These areas will then be gently held or touched until the blocked energy clears or shifts. Often as one area clears, awareness will be drawn to the next area that is ready for clearing. 

Sessions can be done in silence with a short discussion at the end, or you and Joyce can share what is being noticed during the session. Often, it is a bit of both.

In a distance session, your energy system is scanned by intuitive sensing rather than touch. Because everything is energy, and energy is not limited by time or space, distance sessions are just as effective as in person sessions. Some people think they are even more so.

The goal is to restore free flow of energy within and around the body, returning the body to its natural state of health, vitality and resilience.

Energetic bodywork is not intended to diagnose or treat a specific medical issue, but can be used as a complementary modality.

Energy healing can optimize the environmen​t within the body so it can access its natural healing capabilities and better respond to other treatments and therapies a person is receiving.  

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