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Reconnecting......body and soul

Yes, Reconnecting.....body and soul.......​this is Joyce Karnis' mission.

People tend to find their way to Joyce when they are looking for, and ready for, deep inner transformation.

Something in their life is no longer working for them and they want more. To be more of themselves.

Joyce uses a unique blend of healing approaches to support the changes you are seeking......whether it's addressing physical pain and symptoms, easing underlying stress and tension, shifting/clearing recurrent emotion/mental patterns, or connecting with the deeper essence of self to find meaning and purpose.

The healing wisdom is within you and it's often a matter of clearing the layers of what's not 'you' to reveal your essence. And to learn how to tap into and understand how your body wisdom and intuition speak to you, so you have access to your inner knowing and personal power.

Healing is a journey and can't be rushed. We travel along this path at the speed that is right for you. Joyce's role is to be a support and guide, as true healing happens from within the individual.

Each session with Joyce is designed to meet you where you're at at that moment on your journey. Progress is made through committed, consistent awareness and action. Because Joyce knows that significant change doesn't happen overnight, and rarely in 1-2 sessions, she recommends working with her in 3 month intervals.

There is hope. As an experienced holistic manual therapist and energy healing facilitator, Joyce can help you re-establish a relationship with your body, reconnect with your spirit, and empower you with inner tools and resources to reclaim your sense of well-BEing....body and soul.

If you're looking for support and guidance and are wondering if Joyce's approach would be a good fit for your needs, please reach out for a complimentary Discovery call. This would be a 30-60 minute call of sharing your challenges and desired outcomes, and how we might work together if it's determined we'd be a good match. To set up a call, simply fill out the contact form on the Contact and Information page with this request. 

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