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Joyce uses 30 years of experience and a unique blend of

light touch bodywork and energy healing approaches

to help people suffering with:

*stress *tension/tightness *chronic pain *fatigue *overwhelm *old trauma *burn out


Shift to living with more:

~comfort  ~calm  ~connection  ~inner strength  ~vitality  and  ~joy.

Let's work together!

Your body has amazing wisdom and self healing capability. We simply need to tap into it.

Deep healing and transformation is possible when we address four aspects of health & well-being.......

1) Clearing myofascial and energy blockages from injury, trauma, chronic pain and tension, and stress to restore flexibility and movement, healthy energy flow and energetic boundaries.  This allows for improved health and activities, resiliency, and sense of well-being

2) Calming and strengthening our nervous system so you can not only manage tightness, pain and stress, but also flow with life and remain grounded despite our circumstances

3) Re-attuning to your felt sense.  This allows you to intuitively know what you need for health, in relationships, and life circumstances

4) Reconnecting to Nature and allowing the Earth to replenish and support you

Joyce's role is to hold non-judgmental healing space, offer guidance, and facilitate healing so you can feel like YOU again.

In short, she helps you feel good in your body

so you can enjoy your life.

She'd be honored to support you.

Appointments are available in Concord, NH and Meredith, NH. She also offer distance sessions to those who live elsewhere, or simply prefer the comfort of their own home.

The healing approaches used include: (click to learn more)

Energetic BodyworkMyofascial Release, Integrated Energy Therapy, Healing From The Core


To schedule an appointment online, click below

The physical body is the shoreline to an infinite ocean ​of being.

- Sufi  healer's quote

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